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We are a group of people who wants to change the world of business and make sure that in business there is more than selfisheness and trading to get money just money.But now there at least a group of people who are thinking on a new world a new ideas and a new place where people feel confortable this group is sub the name of YOUNG BUSINESS-MAN GROUP:

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Team members

HADDAG Abdelkader;Was born on september 11th,1992.Son of HADDAG Benali and CHEDAD Fatiha. He was the first son in his familly he was intrested to business since he went to college.But he haven't any idea about this world so he read a lot of business and economy books even he is obseced by index and stocks channels like CNBC,BLOOMBERG...ect and he likes so much FOREX beacuse he thinks that this is one of the most appropriate ways to make a business start.
Mostof people who knows HADDAG Abdelkader say that he looks crazy some times but they believe also that behind this maidness there is a perfect guy who wants to change a lot of things in this world.For exemple he said that having 1$ in my pocket is more better than having a party day and night. And he said :" Money is very important but investing and trading with it is the most amazing".
The idea of AHCG (Al Haaddak Companies Groups) was his and he starts working on this project since 2009 but he choosed to release it officially in 11-11-2011 because for some reason he just likes number eleven.
He is the founder of Young Business Man Group (YBM) wich is a group of people who wants to be a business man in future and the goal of this group is help each other and passs throw the crises that economy have all the time to the edge.
He is intresed to Porjects that star with a small capital because he believe that we can start from zero as he says : " We aren't perfect because every one have things that an other haven't but as one person we are perfect because we are created to that purpose".
Now he is a student in the famous Algerian Univertsity Wich is Siences and Technology University Houari Boumediene (U.S.T.H.B) in his first year studing Mathmatics and computing and for a reason he said that he didn't choose to studu economy because this isn't the right time.
His business rule is : We can always start from zero but if we are working together as one team.
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HALOUI Abdelrahman;

Our project

I- Introduction

Historical view about Al Haddak Companies Groups:

     The idea seems (Missed word), but the historical reality is really different. HADDAK Abdelkader had predict the world wide economic crises before it happened, the problem that he didn’t taught about solution to his region or family for the problems that this last one will get. After the characteristics of his project started to be clear and he get a head kick that he, his family, his community and world even needs solutions. So he just taught about a project that makes economy very numeric to push it faster, save energy and money to invest it in business world and he called this project firstly: The economic help.

Economic view about Al Haddak Companies Groups:

The official name: Al Haddak Companies Groups (AHCG).
The economic activities: Services, Exchange, Trade, Export, Import, Production.
The legal situation: a personal collection of companies returns to HADDAK family.
The official owners: Haddak family (They are in the AHCG bill).
The qualitative structure: International and multinational companies.
The quantities structure: Big companies.
The economic help definition: Is to create a project from nothing (the virtual world) to the professional world (the balance theory).

Geographic idea about Al Haddak Companies Groups:

The official social segment: Algeria, Relizane state, Sidi M’hamed Benali
The continents segments: are specified in the following map
The regional segments are according to AHCG goals and updates.
The optional segments: are in some special cases according to AHCG privacy.

Political view about Al Haddak Companies Groups:

AHCG don’t work for any political party or group that didn’t show up from Haddak family officially the owners. And the rules or the AHCG internal and external bill don’t accept any miss use of power in AHCG system. According to AHCG general bill there is a special terms that take care about the political, media, culture, scientific issues.